Literary Love will have 2 signings!

Thursday afternoon before all the fun starts we will have a signing set up strictly for the attendees! Attending readers can grab books early to make their event time more enjoyable--- which is why we have Lounges this year! So many readers want to get lost in a book, and want them to as well!

Saturday from 2-4 we will have book signing #2, open to the public and the attendees!

Signing Rules:
1. Please bring only up to 5 books "from home" a signing at our events is to SELL books so the authors can make back a minimum of their output for the event.

2. NO LINES! If an author you like is there, and there is a line of anything more than 5 people the line will be broken up, because its not about ONE author, its about ALL attending authors! So see everyone, talk to everyone and find new authors to love!